Ancient Angkor

Every photographer has an undeniable urge to travel and document the existence of varied human conditions and their creations. I answered that urge recently in Angkor.

Famous for its amazing religious stone monuments, Ancient Angkor is the sacred capital city of Khmer empire from a millennium ago located in present-day Cambodia. Situated near the tropical city of Siem Riep, it is the pride of an impoverished people and a candidate as one of the "New 7 Wonders of the World".

Though never forgotten and despite its re-discovery by the West in the mid-19th century, the exotic land of Angkor had remained relatively unknown by the general public until very recently. Perennially enclosed in hot humid weather, its relative obscurity was finally lifted after many years of suffering under the brutality of Khmer Rouge regime during the 70s and the political instability that followed it. Since the late 90s, somewhat stable political climate has encouraged tourists to come and experience its magical temple mountains and delicate carvings. Protection of this World Heritage site from tourists is now the new challenge for the region.

This collection aims to document Angkor in its beauty, its boldness, and its current existence. Its exotic nature reminds us of a civilization from long ago that still reaches us and speaks to us through the towers and carvings of these magnificent temples.

Copyright 2006 Ed H. Chi / Bleeding Rock Photography